High Speed Internet

One of our most picked services, everyone is using High-Speed internet, in fact, the Government of Canada has now invested over 1 Billion $ in making sure all Canadians can access the internet anywhere and everywhere.

It has become just like having electricity, it is an essential service Canadians require to live everyday life.

Our packages cover Urban city specials to Rural households in all of Canada.


TV is still is still a required source of information and entertainment and is an essential part of everyone’s life. Based on what is happening in the normal cable and satellite world a new Competitor Streaming has become one of the most picked services. At this point, clients are still picking satellite options to enable them to at least have their content. Streaming devices combined with Netflix and the recent new Amazon Prime offers.


Home Phone

Customers today still want to keep their home phone, they are just tired of paying too much. Now you can easily port over your existing phone # you have had for 25 years and be secure with 911 service. Our home phone options give you peace of mind and all the features you have enjoyed for years. In fact, you will not only enjoy the same great features and keep your same phone number, you will finally have many more features like call follow me, unlimited long distant North America minutes and never worry about getting charged extra. You’re in charge with the premium phone service being offered.

Stop Paying too MUCH NOW

It’s time now to start saving wholesale $$$$ on your services.

What do you have to lose? YOU CAN ALWAYS CANCEL any time with our no contract and REQUEST to pay more again for the same services.


Video Explaining our services